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The King of Fighters  has a fairly long life. This SNK game made a comeback with a mobile edition titled The King of Fighters: All Star. Carrying the theme of the fighter, the game published by Netmarble will invite players to fight in the beat em up.

At a glance, the game in KOF: All Star offers a maximum visual presentation. This is also supported by smooth and indulgent movements in high configurations. At first glance, we are invited to celebrate the side-scrolling adventure since the game's title was released on an arcade machine.Thanks to a pretty good execution, the first impression in The King of Fighters is able to make his players return to explore the adventure. You will be made addicted to clean the band of criminals while developing your chosecharacter.

By bringing dozens of characters from throughout the series, the game in KOF: All Star presents quite impressive variations of enemies. On several occasions, the boss character of this fighting game serial character delivers a very exciting playing experience!

Choice and Character Development

Taking the form of ARPG, King of Fighters: All Star will make its players collect fighter characters. Over time we will complete Story Mode while honing the fighting abilities of each character. To speed it up there will also be items that we can use and get every time we complete the stage.

Not a lot of complicated character development. Here the player will only raise the level of character and star ratings that can be done by combining the two fighters in common. There is indeed a time investment that is not a little to maximize the potential character.

With the ARPG genre and simple development, King of Fighters: All Star brings his adventures easier to play. Especially when talking about the release that brought a lot of promotion.

Between Beat 'em Up or Fighting

The King of Fighters franchise is known as a fairly strong fighting game franchise. Many interesting changes have occurred throughout this series release. One mode that is quite interesting is the presence of side-scrolling from a single player game that seems to provide adventure.

Between the beat 'em up mode or classic fighting mechanics, surely everyone has their own preferences. Even so, the presence of The King of Fighters: All Star is a pretty good dish. Supported by a variety of characters, graphic quality, to the smooth game makes his single player mode very memorable.

In beat 'em up mode, the fighting techniques of each character seem similar. Not to mention the combination of blows that is shorter than usual. This also has an impact on increasing damage when we raise character levels.Maybe, the game that relies on character development is not suitable for you who like King of Fighters as a fighting game. Even so, you can see that Netmarble's intention in creating KOF: All Star did indeed make the KOF series into an ARPG game.

Microtransaction and Gacha Disease

when bringing the ARPG form, of course many are worried about the Gacha or Summon system in this game. Indeed, Netmarble developed the Summon system which is still similar to most other ARPG games. Fortunately, the presence of Ruby in this game is quite easy to get and freemium players can be a little relieved.

Seeing the future of this game, content player versus environment (PVE) through adventure mode does seem boring. Even so, all will return to the ability of players to collect and develop certain characters. Besides Gacha, some characters can also be collected by defeating him in the adventure.

The Team formed in the game will make anyone have to have the best combination to win. Despite having a strong character, all will also return to the ability of players to carry out combinations when fighting enemies. Are you able to be the best and become King of Fighters?

For some people, the ARPG game certainly seems to be a waste of time. In fact, with a memorable game and dozens of characters that evoke nostalgia, it can be a process that can be enjoyed. If you are able to present formulas and fighting mechanics in the previous series, it is not impossible that King of Fighters: All Star will be one of the very interesting mobile fighting game.

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 87 MB

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 1,7 GB

 5 million  more have been downloaded   (6 March 2020)

Offline , Online Multyplayer, Dungeon , Story mode and classic mode

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