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Hitman Sniper is one of the sniper shooting genre games which was released on 04-06-2015. This game is shooting gallery the Single-Player Available on Playstore and App store.This game belongs to the Hitman series. In this game we are referred to as Agent 47 which kills targets unnoticed by sniper so that it can destroy any object near the target can make creativity in shooting puzzles

This game is in the paid category for 0.33 $. This game is very worth it because has amazing graphics and genre of game story.

You will be able to use skills in this game such as translucent eagle eyes or slowmotion and other skills in shooting and killing enemy targets



The graphics in this game are good in the genre of shooting gallery. because they have 3D effects and slow motion in shooting, blood effects, and map graphics that have the effects of air season, wind, and the destruction of objects around it seem like real


in this story mode we are directed through a story in stages where the target that we kill the more you level up, the more targets you kill for example mission 1 you kill 1 target mission 2 kill 3 targets and in mission 3 you kill all targets appears in mission 1 and mission 2 only becomes a regular target in mission 3 but in mission 3 has a special mission too and there are also special missionaries also in several levels


Only Sniper

According to the name of the game, in weapons we only have sniper but have different qualities and also have their respective functions and advantages

Each Sniper Weapon has a different price, the more expensive the price of the sniper you buy, the better quality you get in this game.

Each sniper has greatness and different skill advantages so it can be said to make the game more challenging and exciting because all snipers have their own advantages in additional skills and are used at the right time


after you complete the mission perfectly then many additional bonuses you get and other attractive prizes in upgrading equiment and in-game money to buy weapons

Review (+) :

this game is paid for 0.33 $ only. the game is simple and hassle-free selection of good weapons because it is not inconvenient in euqipment and interesting story stories as well as reward rewards for each mission easily obtained and stunning graphics in this class of game.

Review (-) :

this game we cannot move. only in one place. can't shift characters,you can only see right and left and around and zoom sniper. but that's okay because it belongs to the Shooting gallery genre

This game is available on Playstore & App stores



2.52$ HKD

0.30€ Euro

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10+ Million Downloaded 18 Maret 2020

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